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Perfect Foot Bath Set

Pamper yourself through a high-class spa set for girls.

Add water in the foot barrel, and then put the heart-shaped colorful soap flakes into water. You will be surprised when your skin becomes smooth and hydrated. TIPS: (Not add too much soap flakes as they strong with satiny feels)

Welcome To Funkidz Toys!

FUNKIDZ Brands, a professional toys manufacturer, is targeted at toys innovation. It has developed many series of good-quality toys which bring lots of fun for children, creating a magic world bounded with joys for kids and helping them obtaining knowledge from playing!

Decorate Nails

It is includes 3 pieces of colorful cute designed nail stickers and 1 sheet of paper full of rhinestones. Paste stickers or rhinestones on toe’s nail. You will be attractive in the party with your fancy nails which express yourself creatively.



Age Group

8 and above

8 and above

6 and above

6 and above

8 and above

6 and above

Skill Level







What is using for?

Craft kit to iron stitches and sew patterns on bags and clothes

Kit used for hair dye and manicure.

Kit to create your own shapes, colors and scented soaps.

Kit to experience perfume making process

Various bracelets making kit

Kit for making scented, colorful body lotion to moisturize skin


Hand-eye coordination,Hand-on ability,Following instructions

Hand-eye coordination,Imagination,Creativity

Hand-on ability,Follow instructions,Creativity

Hand-on ability, Follow instruction, Mix-matching


Mix-matching, Decision-making, Creativity

NAIL POLISH MULTICOLOR: Four colorful nail polishes and nail stickers blend together perfectly. Let your children understand the color matching and selection, which can help young girls develop fine motor, visual and motor skills while exercising and expressing themselves!
PERFECT PEDICURES: Use your inflatable pedi pool, toe separators and pedicure slippers for the full spa experience. The Inflatable pedicure pool has bigger size, non-toxic, could resistant to high temperature up to 80°C (176°F). Kids can easily pump up the Pedicure Pool with our inflator pump by foot or hand.
SAFE AND FUN: Our spa kit for kids contains non-toxic, kid friendly nail polish, which is also water-based. Give your girl the ultimate on-trend group celebration day at the spa. Recommended for ages 6 + .
PEDICURE KIT FOR KIDS: Include colors of nail polish, inflatable pedicure pool, inflator pump, pedicure slippers, toe separators, nail file, nail art stickers, compressed towel, soap confetti and full-color illustrations can help your child quickly understand the function and operation of the product.

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