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foot spa massagerfoot spa massager

Niksa foot spa massager with heat,bubble,red light and vibration–bring you new massaging experience

Foot spa is a good way to relax your feet and whole body after tired work, and it can effectively relieve the press of feet muscles and remove physical fatigue.Just pouring water into Niksa foot bath massager,setting temperature you hope,then enjoy your comfortable spa time through bubbling warm water.

foot massaging spafoot massaging spa

foot soakerfoot soaker


Please do not use it without water.

Please keep the water volume between maximum line and minimum line.

Please don’t pour hot water over 125 ℉, it will trigger the over-temperature protection fail to boot

Massage to Care for your feet

A man’s feet are like a tree’s roots. The roots of a tree are exhausted first, and the feet of a man grow old.Especially for those who often feel cold in hands and feet, soaking feet in hot water is a good way.

The feet are also called the heart of the human body. When the feet are soaked in warm water, thermal stimulation will speed up the microcirculation of the feet and open the pores, thereby speeding up the body’s blood circulation and regulating the endocrine system.

spa massager bathspa massager bath

foot bathfoot bath

foot bath massagerfoot bath massager


Sub-regional massage to fit the contour of the sole of the foot

Squeezing,pushing, pressing ,compressing——4-fold massage technique and acupuncture massage let your feet experience a deeper level of relaxation

Fast heating and keeping warm

You can set favorite temperature 95℉-118℉/35℃-48℃,and the pedicure foot spa can quickly get the aimed temperature, and will maintain the water temperature during spa.

Oxygen Bubble

Bubble function can make the water heated evenly,and bring more comfortable foot spa experience.It also help promote blood circulation to keep your body health.

foot spa at homefoot spa at home

[Efficient Heating&Temperature Maintenance] Intelligent temperature control will efficiently heat the water up to the temperature you set(95℉-118℉), and maintain water temperature during process of your whole foot spa massage. You don’t need to add extra hot water anymore to enjoy your luxury foot bath at home.
[Relaxing Massage Action] This pedicure foot spa massager is equipped with 4 removable non-motorized rollers dotted with acu-notes for deep massage. There are 2 bubble strips and raised nodes for extra massaging action.
[Bubble,Vibration&Red Light] We design this home foot spa with a variety of special functions including bubbles, heat, rollers, red light and vibration for better upgrading massage experience. Placing spa materials inside the small box to pamper your feet and shape them to perfection with the included foot stone.
[Health First] Niksa is about bringing a convenient healthy home environment for every family. 24/7 customer service promise solving your problem as quick as possible.

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